The Wall

So what if Chaurasia creates magic, the raga turns a ravager between the flute and the female, when she needs to flare up at the man she loves the most. “Come out of this, stupid ass, or you’d be stuck on the wall like a goddamn lizard?” slammed Bhupali. “You’re 43, stupid, and you’re still […]

An Hour With A Stranger

Amit spotted the scar even in that dubious dim of late winter evening as the stranger stretched his hand towards him. It was just above the wrist, rising up several inches. “Is it burn?” he wondered, silently. He saw the man standing by the deserted road with one hand waving at his zipping car. Amit […]

The Abacus of The Tempests

“That’s where my child was thrust. He fell dead.” I didn’t cry, I remember, when the man pointed to a blackish red smear on the remains of what used to be a wall of his mud house till four days back. The stain was at a height of around six feet. Standing in a backdrop […]

Corona May Kill. Starvation Surely Will.

A 12-year-old girl fell and died just about an hour away from her village after a three-day walk under a blazing sun without water and food left her too parched to sustain life. She travelled 150km in India’s Chhattisgarh with the hope to get her food at home when suddenly work at the chilli field […]

‘Too Many People Have Died’

200,000. And, it’s counting. Not much of a great number, though, when factored against 7,000,000,000. But it does matter when the unit is put: Lives. 200,000 lives were lost in a riot run by an enemy of people, about 10,000th of a millimetre in size, between January 10 and April 25, 2020. The count is […]

Love in the Time of Corona

Chapter 1 Puja never smelt blood before. The mask was soaked in blood and the pungent odour was unbearable. She needed to purge. In a jostle to break free, she tore the elastic bands running under the ears around the head. The torn, stained piece of rectangular cloth hung loose from the left of her […]

একাকীত্বের নিঃসঙ্গতা

আজি ঝড়ের রাতে তোমার অভিসার… পরান সখা বন্ধু হে আমার… আকাশ কাঁদে হতাশ সম… নয়নে ঘুম নাই যে মম… দুয়ার খুলি হে প্রিয়তম… চাই যে বারে বার… ঝড়ের সঙ্গে একাকিত্বের একটা অদ্ভুত সহাবস্থান আছে। হয়তো দুজনেই একা। Solitude of loneliness। একাকীত্বের নিঃসঙ্গতা। তবুও ফিরে ফিরে তাকানো থামেনা। কোথাও কেউ নেই জেনেও শেষ হয়েও শেষ হয় না খোঁজার তাগিদ, বাঁচার প্রলোভন, […]

60 Miles To Sun

Do not go gentle into that good night… Old age should burn and rave at close of day… Rage, rage against the dying of light… – Dylan Thomas Chapter 1 Sundown has a pain, hidden in the ebbing crimson that morphs into a dark blue on the sky. The confluence of hues flaunts a different […]

একটা দিন সময় ছিল আমার

একটা দিন সময় ছিল আমার। এক টুকরো তারায় মোড়া আকাশ দেবো বলেছিলাম তোকে। মনে মনে ভেবেছিলাম একটা রামধনু আর অনেকটা শীতের রোদ্দুর নিয়ে যাব সঙ্গে করে। আর একটু বৃষ্টি। একটা দিন সময় ছিল আমার । বারবার ভাবছিলাম তুই যখন ময়ূরের পালকে মোড়া উপহারগুলো খুলবি তোর মুখটা তখন কিরম খুশিতে ঝকমক করে উঠবে। ছুটে এসে আমায় […]